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E-Motion | Intro to After Effects

Digital Media III, UIC School of Design

Kinetic Typography | Saul Bass

Digital Media III, UIC School of Design

Precision by Intuitive

Interdisciplinary Experience Design, UIC School of Design

Sponsor: Intuitive Surgical

Social Media Flyers

Client: Market Overdrive


I strive to create engaging, modern pieces of design that positively interact with your audience. From print media to web design to installation design, my work will speak your brand's message.  


Moving image has the power to captivate your audience. Go past the confines of a static image and spread your message. Events, brand releases, music, journalism — everything is covered.


From products to events, my goal is to communicate your brand identity through simple, yet powerful imagery that rivals modern trends. Influencer culture is dead, let my photos speak for themselves.

Motion Graphics

Past the static image phase? Add some pop and movement to your photos, videos, and even design. Merge the artforms to create a visual experience that promises to deliver modern results.  

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