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NewsNation Network On-Air Graphics

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Daily news graphics accompany breaking news & developing stories, allowing viewers to better understand complex data and events. These graphics are displayed either live on-air or displayed on one of 10 different monitors in the studio with an anchor. Graphics range from infographics, obituaries, or show franchises. 

on-air graphics

On-Air Franchises

The New Epidemic: Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a major killer of 18-45 year olds, it's a new epidemic. It's a drug that takes only a small amount (5% of the size of a penny) to be lethal. They plan to make a one-hour special, but they'll use this franchise outside of that as well.

Inflation Index

A Price Index segment for the shows that  will be taking a look at price changes on products (bread, milk, apples, etc.) on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.

Economy Alert

This franchise is an opener to ever-changing economic breaking news as a result of the pandemic. 


The Great Migration

This franchise looks at the movement of people, demographics, and groups within the U.S. This has largely been from the cities to more rural America and from coastal cities more inland.  From the north to the south. Texas and Florida seeing some of the biggest upswings, but there’s a clear national trend the past couple years. It gives us a different way to do culture, economic, even real estate stories.

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